Revitalize Burnout Recovery Program

1:1 Coaching Support to Guide You From Burnout to Bold, Balanced Brilliance

Burnout can be insidious, often difficult to recognize and even more challenging to confront. I founded Agency Grove out of my own harrowing journey through severe burnout, and I intimately understand the profound struggles it entails.

With the Revitalize Program, you’re not navigating this journey alone. Embark on a 90-day haven designed to guide you from the depths of burnout to rejuvenated vitality. Over three immersive months, with an option for extended guidance tailored to individual needs, we focus on holistic recovery, offering personalized tools and unwavering support. Our mission is to help you break free from burnout's grip, decrease stress, and reignite your passion, resilience, and joy. Together, we'll traverse this challenging terrain, empowering you to emerge with renewed strength, clarity, and zeal in leadership and life.


Agency AccelerateHER

Personalized 1:1 Coaching for Leadership Excellence and Life Harmony

Imagine having your own personal coach to navigate the intricate dynamics of professional growth and personal well-being. Elevate your professional trajectory with the Agency AccelerateHER Program.

Designed for ambitious women at the cusp of their leadership potential, our tailored approach focuses on catalyzing your career advancement, be it promotion readiness, mastering a new role, or optimizing effectiveness in your current position. Over a span of 6-12 months, depending on your unique goals, we delve into strategic mentorship and training, leveraging the transformative power of The Agency Matrix framework. Beyond professional ascent, we’re committed to fostering work-life harmony, ensuring you lead both in the boardroom and in life with joy, balance, and unwavering confidence. Embrace your next level of leadership with authenticity and grace. 


The Full Bloom Agenda

A 6-Month Group Coaching Mastermind for Personal and Professional Development

Step into a dynamic space where dedicated women on parallel paths converge. "Full Bloom" is a 6-month mastermind experience designed to help you thrive in every facet of life. This mastermind isn't just about your career—it's about harmoniously blossoming in both your career and personal life. Alongside guided reflections and strategic exercises, we'll dive deep into mental fitness training, fortifying your resilience, focus, and emotional intelligence.

Benefit from the synergy of group coaching sessions and the invaluable collective wisdom of peers as you go on your own personal journey of self-discovery. This comprehensive approach ensures that you experience lasting transformation by turning insight into action.

Whether you're navigating complex leadership challenges, seeking a balanced work-life rhythm, or aiming to amplify your potential, "Full Bloom" offers the support, strategies, and camaraderie to help you flourish. Together, we set new heights for growth as we learn to architect and relish the journey, becoming effective leaders who exemplify joy and drive meaningful impact for the transformations we were called to lead.


Self-Paced Courses

Empowerment on Your Schedule: Courses Designed for Your Pace

Embark on a transformative journey tailored to your tempo. Our self-paced courses are meticulously curated for ambitious women, merging actionable strategies with insightful content to foster both professional and personal growth. Dive into topics ranging from emotional intelligence and work-life harmony to leadership development and personal sustainability. No deadlines, no rush—just pure, uninterrupted learning. Engage with the material when it suits you, ensuring comprehension and integration every step of the way. With Agency Grove, you have the freedom to grow on your own terms, maximizing outcomes and cultivating a more harmonious, joyful life.


"Value Beyond  Measure"

Client testimonial

"Before working with Amber, I felt overwhelmed and lost in my leadership role. Amber’s coaching not only transformed my professional life but also improved my work-life balance substantially. Today, I lead with clarity, passion, and a deep sense of purpose. The positive impact on my team is evident. We are cohesive, productive, and inspired. The insights and tools I've gained are of value beyond measure. I'm not just surviving, I'm thriving, making a difference, and enjoying a harmonious balance between my career and personal life."

Julie B., Vice President of Operations
Atlanta, GA

Unlock your potential and get the knowledge and skills you need to

Empower Your Leadership, Enrich Your Life, and Drive Meaningful Change


At Agency Grove, we deeply resonate with your aspirations as a woman in leadership. Your journey is more than just hitting targets—it's about becoming an authentic, bold, and impactful leader who drives transformational change. With us, you'll learn to lead with balance, achieving remarkable results while savoring every moment of your life's journey.

With over two decades of expertise, we're devoted to empowering you. To stand in your truth, lead with conviction, and forge a path that not only achieves, but inspires and uplifts. Embrace your potential, find daily fulfillment, and leave an indelible mark on the world you've been called to lead.


We see you.  We believe in you.  We're here to guide you.